The BOB tool helps you have an honest conversation with yourself, privately. You’ll be presented with a series of photographs and questions that go along with them. The goal is to answer these questions honestly, and based on your immediate gut reaction, because that is where unconscious bias can sit. You can select one or more people in your decisions. You’ll be presented with answers to your questions which will allow you to have that honest conversation with yourself in the safety of your own mind without any worry of criticism or stigma. This will be an important step you need to identify and resolve misinformation you may be carrying without even realizing it.

The answers you offer to these questions will remain completely anonymous. Our team will collect the responses (as a whole) to help understand bias better. This means individual results will not be presented, but group statistics will be reviewed and potentially presented to help improve our understanding of bias. Your individual responses and identity will remain anonymous as we have no way of obtaining this information and are not asking for it. What we would like you to do is answer the few demographic questions below before beginning. By choosing to continue you agree to the above.