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Consultancy, Executive Coaching, Training, & Speaking Engagements.

Dr. Abdulrehman’s services include:

  • Consultancy & Executive Coaching
  • Diversity and Inclusion Training
  • Keynotes and Speaking Engagements

Dr. Abdulrehman applies his experience, training and skill in cross cultural and global practice, to his role as a speaker, trainer, consultant and coach in issues related to diversity and inclusion. His services are typically provided to health and business sectors, assisting professionals to find innovative but practical ways  to work with diverse and global clients. His work is based on evidence based practice, of (1) shifting perspective, and (2) successive behavior change.

Dr. Abdulrehman’s helps with improving global partnerships for businesses by better understanding cultural differences. He coaches leaders to be more effective communicators with international audiences, and helps them better understand the nuances of cross-cultural etiquette, specific to the Middle East, India, and East Africa.

Dr. Abdulrehman is a skilled and motivating speaker, covering a broad range of topics on cultural diversity and inclusion.

  • Focus in the business sector is on helping organizations and leaders develop increased cultural competence, improved diversity and inclusion, and developing growth opportunities by understanding different perspectives, and cultural and world views. This includes crafting messaging and communication to be better received by diverse and international audiences.
  • Focus in the health sector are aimed and training health care providers on how to work more effectively with cross cultural populations including newcomer and refugee groups.

For a list of other areas of focus of Dr. Abdulrehman, visit his clinical biography link here.