What if our success in an increasingly diverse world is tied to improving our cultural competence? Well…it is. 

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What if our success in an increasingly diverse world is tied to improving our cultural competence? Well…it is. 

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Everyone has unconscious bias, and it can affect how you treat others.

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Dr. Abdulrehman is a consulting and clinical psychologist, & speaker with specialist training and experience in cognitive psychology and behavioral change, with a special focus on diversity and inclusion. His passionate yet calm and approachable style allows him to address complex and difficult topics with comfort, ease, and practicality. He has well over 15 years of experience in the innovative application of psychology to help create effective and practical change to a variety of sectors including health, business, education, non-government and government sectors. He has worked with both individuals and organizations in consultation and training roles.

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As a leadership development consultant, coach and facilitator, I have come into contact with many powerful speakers and change agents on topics that range from transforming conflict into collaboration, and leveraging mindfulness to support progress toward compelling organization goals.

Of these change agents, a mere handful stand out for being remarkably succinct, persuasive and open-hearted. Dr. Abdulrehman is one such person.

His approach to working with individuals and teams on the sometimes thorny issues of inclusion and belonging goes beyond anecdotes and statistics: his is an invitation - and a challenge - to look at the world from the perspective of losses we accumulate when we fail to see one another as human, in spite of differences. I highly recommend him as an engaging and thought-provoking influencer of positive, immediate awareness and change. ”

Lisa SchmidtDirector of Organizational Development at CBC/Radio-Canada

My experience with Dr. Abdulrehman has been extremely positive. His thoughts regarding racial issues are strong, as they should be, yet he is able to explain them to anyone in a highly non-confrontational manner that defuses anger and elicits deeper understanding. His method of presentation of difficult topics is highly effective, as he seems to have an uncanny ability to connect with practically any audience. Anyone requiring the delivery of a challenging topic would do well to work with Dr. Abdulrehman.

Kerry StevensonChair, Speakers Committee, TEDxWinnipeg & Founder of Fabbaloo

Dr. Rehman Abdulrehman is an excellent speaker & trainer in presenting on a variety of topics ranging from mental health, culture change and diversity & inclusion. He has a positive disposition, sense of humour and it was a pleasure to work with him. Dr. Abdulrehman has a wide range of experiences and expertise that he shares in his presentations. The audience is left with greater awareness and strategies for both their personal and professional lives. His TEDx Winnipeg 2018 talk blends important lessons on inclusion and acceptance. I would highly recommend Dr. Abulrehman as a speaker, consultant and trainer for any organization.

Sherry Benson-PodolchukRCMP (Redt) BA. CRS, Star Agassi Consulting

Doing diversity work for over 20 years, I've encountered many people in this space. Dr. Rehman Abdulrehman is one of the few diversity professionals I have met with an incredible depth of knowledge, and an understanding regarding the complexities of this work that is unparalleled. As a clinical and consulting psychologist, he connects easily with his clients and audiences, creates safe learning environments, and supports people and organizations to change and grow in their understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion. In his consulting work with organizations locally and abroad, his TEDx talk and podcast, and as a speaker, he brings his passion, expertise, and compassion to these challenging and nuanced issues, consistently. I would highly recommend him to speak, train or consult for an organization.

Lubna Somjee, Ph.D.Psychologist + Executive Coach

Rehman is one of the most skilled individuals I've experienced in creating inclusive spaces and organizations. His deep understanding of human behavior, combined with his organizational expertise mixed with his own experiences make him unmatched in terms of the value he offers his clients. Direct yet supportive, empathic yet challenging, Rehman can help you transform your organization from knowing about diversity and inclusion to living its benefits both now and into the future.

Ann Bowers-EvangelistaLeadership psychologist I Trusted advisor I Endurance Leadership expert

As a consulting and clinical psychologist, TEDx speaker, podcaster, and thought leader in diversity and inclusion, Dr. Rehman Abdulrehman offers a unique understanding and perspective that is completely unrivaled. His compelling storytelling, empathic listening, passion, and ability to synthesize complex and delicate topics creates the kind of supportive and compassionate learning environment we all look for in diversity and inclusion speakers and trainers. I couldn't recommend him more highly for any organization looking for an exceptional diversity and inclusion speaker, trainer, or consultant.

Dr. Mira BrancuBrancu & Associates